Strange Normalities: Pass

I’d seen many a brain surgery on TV (much to my dismay and disgust), but I had a feeling this would be very different.
I stood on a tall stool, peeking over Max’s shoulder.
Using a very long sewing needle and a wearable magnifying lens, he flipped a tiny switch behind Dan’s ear, opening two sliding panels on the top of Dan’s head.
His “skull” was two inches of steel lined with electronic switchboards surrounding his brain. And on the tip top of the grey was a small, flashing red chip. Max shook his head. Through Max’s lens I could make out an impossibly tiny keypad on the chip. He increased the magnification, and began to carefully punch in a long code into the keypad using the needle. I sighed in relief when the chip stopped blinking.
“Now while I’m in here,” Max asked Dan, “you want me to do a tuneup?”
Before he could answer, to our horror, there was a pounding on the door.
“I think we’ll have to pass on that,” Dan squeaked.

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