The Wrong Man Was Convicted

Ed came in from the rain to find a surprisingly depressed Tyler.
“Ty? What’s up man?” he asked, concern writ on his face.
“She left me,” Ty moaned. “She went with that… that… I don’t know what!”
“I’m sorry about that.” Ed didn’t know what to say. “So there was another guy.”
“We both loved her. She’s been spending a lot of time with him. Finally, when he was there, I told her it was either him or me.”
“And the rest is history?”
Ty nodded glumly. “But he’s a cheater. I’m not just saying that; everyone knows it.” Ed nodded; he knew just who Ty was talking about. “But he was just so convincing.”
“She thought you just didn’t have the conviction?”
Ed thought a moment, picking up his guitar. “What you gonna do if she comes back?”
Ty shrugged.
Ed started singing a little thing he was making up on the spot on his guitar: “If I’m again beside your body, don’t tell me where it’s been, it’s cruel, unusual punishment to kiss fingerprinted skin…

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