Pushing a Drone pt1

“Battle Stations! Battle Stations! All hands, man your battle stations.!”

The ship was a flurry of men rushing through the corridors; some climbing up, others running down the steal rung ladders. Some were donning headsets, while others were slipping on lifejackets. Strangley silent of voices, but a rumble of racing feet and the slamming of steal water tight door and the whurr of the wheels sealing those doors.

Finally silence throughout the ship, with the exception of the bridge, where the lee helmsman repeated the voices eminating from the sound powered phones. “Foward gunmount, manned and ready. Rear gunmount manned and ready.” To each report the captain replied, “Aye” Until all the battle stations were accounted for.

Once the lee helmsman reported all stations manned and ready the Captain took the phone and said, “This is your captain speaking. We are engaged in a drill. We will be shooting at a drone being pulled by a navy Tomcat. Look sharp, we will be graded on this drill. Over.”

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