Those Eyes (400FC)

Its green-blue pierced my soul, shook my stone-cold heart.
I never thought I’d see those eyes again…
The owner hadn’t seen me yet, but I sure saw the owner.
All these years… do you think she’ll remember?
I tried to run, but it’s firey blue gaze froze me, as cold wind freezes water.
Would she’ve forgiven my foolish action? We were younger then…
I crouched low in my bush, keeping fixed on those eyes. Those penetrating, burning eyes.
Please God, please don’t let her see me…
She strolled past my bush, seeming not to take notice. But as she past, she dropped something. As soon as she was out of earshot, I hoped, I slunk out of my bush, picking up what she’d dropped. It was a bracelet of sorts, very fine. Would pick up a handsome price at a pawnshop, but I was past those days. I didn’t see her, I’d find her to return it.
I placed it in my pocket. No sooner had I done so when I heard a piercing cry behind me.
Stop! Thief!
I took refuge in the shadows.
She still remembers…

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