Jes and Hercules

Joe’s father tucked him in.
“Story?” Joe whispered.
“Of course,” his father responded with a comforting smile,”Once upon a time, there was a young boy, named Jes.
Jes was a bit of a coward, didn’t get out too often. He was a spitting image of his mother, Apacconus Weslen. One rainy day, Jes was sitting beside his window, playing his flute ever so gracefully.
Apacconus screamed. Jes jumped. He hesitated, then ran for her. But when he reached her room, she had vanished!”
“What happened to her, daddy?!” joe held his small blanket up towards his chin.
“Jes fell to the floor, bawling. A soft hand touched his shoulder, it was Hercules, a tall, old man, chin covered in gray. ‘Get up.’ he said in a booming voice. Jes lifted head and saw the deep sea and wooden deck that surrounded him. ‘Hurry, boy. the dragon is coming.”
“The dragon? What happens next, dad?”
“The waves pounded against the ship, and the not so sturdy ship started to sink. Hercules called out for Pegasus.”
“Who’s Pegasus?!!” * * * * * * **

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