The Ti Bankers Show

“This is sooo great!” Lai cried out. “I know right?” I said.
It was me, Lai, Jen, Kristina, and Demi all sitting in the shiny limmo. The tv was on, and candy covered the car floor. We were on our way to the Ti Bankers Show.
We all were high fashion runway models, and have been to all sorts of places, but this was the awesome. I mean, we were gonna be modeling work clothes on the Ti Bankers Show runway! Fabulous right?
“Misses, your destination.” Our super cute driver announced.
We all rushed to get out of the car. When we entered the stage, we were in for a big surprise. “No models on runway.” The show manager said. We drove here, and were booked out! All of us complained. But it turns out, we still modeled the clothes, at the back of the stage. But it got worse.
“She’s way too tall.” I heard Ti, her eyes glued to me.
I had on super hot stilletos, which kinda made me taller then Ti. I acctually had to step down, a couple whole inches down! This day was not going well, at all. It got worse.

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