Orders from a King

Cael had been readying his spears when the Royal Guard had approached him.

At first, he had been apprehensive to follow them, for it was rumored that the king was a spiteful man.

Still, Cael went along, solely because of that endless call that money gave.

If he wanted to make things move smoothly at home, he’d have to be a pawn in the king’s games for a short time.

So, the dragonslayer was called to a private audience with king Simon, where his mission was explained.

Now he was walking from the palace, quite happy to be leaving the dank fortress. The grounds were a nice place, but the interior of the castle was gloomy and imposing.

King Simon’s words rang through his head as he walked.

She is dangerous! Do not allow the beast to live – shoot her down at once.

Cael thought his words slightly suspicious; dragons were intelligent creatures, and they were very sentient of the world around them – most of them talked.

But why was king Simon so eager to kill this one?

I’ll find out soon enough.

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