Journal #6 : The End

Class that Monday was fairly inactive.

It was the same, dull school as Max had left it, and here he was again, sitting in the same old desk.

But he was extremely happy to have Kylie with him.

That horrible dream only had made him more appreciative of his girlfriend, and she seemed to enjoy the extra attention.

Speaking of attention…

“Class, may I have your attention?” the teacher said, clapping his hands together.

All the students turned to look at their instructor, stopping what they were doing.

“I know this is a little late,” the teacher continued, fingering his ruler thoughtfully, “but I’d like you to meet someone.”

Immediately, the interest deflated out of Max like a pricked balloon. It was just another student.

“This is a new transfer student – she just moved in from Cambodia.”

The door slid open, and there were light footfalls as the girl stepped in.


Max looked up, horror building in his chest.

All he wanted to do was to scream.

“I have many names, but you can call me Mary Sue!”

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