Tell me you love me again

Dear James,
_“We haven’t talked for quite a while
All I think about every night is your smile
Although times have went by
Nights we have cried
Feelings we lost
And those left behind.

Now I’m sitting here all on my own
Lost hope in all that I’ve known
Although it was my choice to leave
But I still feel the grieve
For the feelings we both left behind

Tell me you still remember
What happened that early december
Tell me that you even care
In my heart I know your still there
I need those feelings we left behind

Last year you held me tight
And I would still feel it in the night
But as time passes by
The moments we could fly
Feelings of hope we left behind.

Now I’m sending you this letter of love
‘Cause of the lonliness I’m getting sick of.
I still remember our first date,
And I know by now its probably to late.
Just… take my hand, If you can’t I understand, Just tell me you love me again. “_

Always, _

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