The Wall. (Sequel to "Dream.")

“Follow me.” the girl said. I raised my eyebrows as she strolled off down the narrow, winding path, but when she turned out of sight, I sighed and jogged after her, ducking through the dark misty underbrush. Thorns scratched my legs and ankles as I caught up to her.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You know.” she answered tersely.

“Um. No I don’t.”

“Hey, you’re the one controlling all this.”

“I am?”

“Some of it.”

It seemed like we had been walking for at least two hours. I kept seeing flickers of black on the edge of my vision, but when I turned to see what they were, all I saw was the forest.

“Are we there yet?” I groaned.

“Do you want to be?”

“No. I want to keep walking through this forest.” I said sarcastically. “Of course I want to be there!”

“We’re here.” the other girl said.

I saw a wide, short wooden door set in a thick brown doorframe against a light brown stucco wall. A small roof was on top of the wall, composed of orange-brown tiles.

“Go on then, ring the bell.”

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