We can never be the same again

“If I should tell you I love you again
You could break my heart again
The letter was sweet,
Knocked me off my feet
I must say, my heart you complete.

Your absense has made me stronger
Your love has made me wiser
But hun I can’t take it
My heart, if you break it,
Will never be the same again.

If I ever saw your face again
My heart starts to break more when
I see you with another man
I start to wonder if we ever can
Be the same again

When you hurt me the first time I cried.
The second time I wanted to die.
Can’t you see its not a game?
My broken heart, and you’re to blame.
I will never be the same again.

I love you to, I do.
In my heart there’s no doubt that it’s true.
But if I take this chance..
Then turn away for a glance
You could run away, once again.

Tell me you won’t hurt me
Tell me we’re meant to be,
If I shall put the sword to my heart whenever,
Then to you, my dear, goodbye forever.”


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