Can This Get Any Worse?

I woke up much later. Although I had to make sure my eyes were open, I was in pitch darkness. I tried to streach, but my hands were bound above my head. I couldn’t see, but I knew I was far from alone. I made a groan, then a floodlight burst on, nearly blinding me. Would the surprises never cease?
Several pairs of eyes stared out of the darkness above me. I was beyond being creeped out at this point.
The eyes were still staring at me.
I really wished they would stop.
Then, a sliver of light burst from some unseen wall, spilling across the surgically white tile floor. But it didn’t touch our ring of blinding light. A shadowy figure in a hooded cloak sidled across the floor.
“Is he awake yet?” it hissed.
“Yes master,” one of the pairs of eyes mumbled.
The figure lowered its hood, revealing something else I didn’t expect at all.
“Eddie?” the figure asked peering into my face.
Her face contored into a look of pure vengence.
Can this day get any worse? I thought.
Yes. Yes it can.

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