If you shall live, I shall breathe

Dear James,

If you shall live,
I shall breathe.
If you die, so does all that is within me.

Take that dagger and throw it down.
From the dirt, arise. Leave the sword on the ground.
I love you with all my heart,
It kills me so much to be apart.
Take my word and cherish it.

Our first kiss still tickles my lips
All my memories have been stripped
From my mind
I’m close behind
you in everything that you do.
Take my word, remember it.

If that wretched dagger hits thy skin.
I’ll live for what we could have been
But if by this letter your life is spared
then perhaps I will not be so scared
Take my word, and keep it.

Tell me that you’re still there.
Tell me, because I do really care
I was a fool to hurt you,
never again,
I’ll be a fool to loose you,
So don’t tell me this is the end.

I love you with all my heart, so take my word, and cherish it.

Always && Forever,

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