Broken, In More Ways Than One

It hurt. It hurt a lot. Jay grunted, in an animal-like way, and Chloe stiffened her entire body. There was nothing else she could do with her arms pinned beneath her back with the added force of Jay repeatedly crushing her.

The tears slipped out of her tightly shut eyes and melted into the thick carpet without a trace.

Let me live. Please let me live through this.

Jay’s chest slammed into hers and she let free a shriek of pain to go with several cracking sounds. This seemed to pull him from his ecstacy and he pulled away, then zipped up his jeans.

Staring down at Chloe with a maniacal grin, he whispered, “What a stupid bitch.”

The door slammed behind him.

Tears running freely, Chloe struggled and failed to pull her shirt back on with her bad wrist. She was sure it was broken. When she finally managed to get her jeans up, she fished her cell out of her pocket and dialed the only number she could. Her words came out teary sounding.

“Alex… I’ve been an idiot. I need you to come get me.”

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