Residing Dreams (Chapter 17)

I had known for a long time what homosexuality was,from books I had read to what it said in the Bible to what other people told me.My father talked to me a little bit about it,but he only went as far as explaining what it was and saying how it was considered very wrong in the Catholic church.But that was all he said.I never really thought much about it,I just considered it to be something very rare and very strange.But as I grew older,and as I began to peice together what I knew about the matter,I soon came to get the impression that my father,Scott Miracle,was gay.It all made sense.I couldn’t really describe it,but I could certainly tell somehow,whether it be the way he talked or the way he carried himself or the things he said about other men to even the messager bag he carried around whenever we went on a trip.When my class went on a feild trip to the zoo and he brought it along,I heard some kids snickering, saying it was a purse. Me being adopted wasn’t the only reason for the wall between us after all.

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