Tues 5:45pm
hi gina
_hey. watsup?
do u like brandon?
yeah. kinda.
i hope things work/o 4 u 2, hes a cool guy g2g bye [;
Tues 7 pm
I must admit, i felt pretty good..
i mean, i just got off an aim conversation with Hilary, the prettiest 8th grader I know.. she’s been like out with almost every 8th grader in our school, and a couple of 7th graders, who were in my class. Most of my friends hated her, but secretly I kinda looked up to her. I mean it wasn’t exactly my goal to be pretty, stuckup, and known for making out with a couple guys each week.. but idk why, she seemed like a barbie doll to me.
Friday 7pm
Me and Hilary talked at the dance, we were starting to become better friends. i kinda kept our friendship low key, because I knew the min. my friends knew, the talking would begin.
Hilary and Chad broke up the night of the dance, and we talked about it, I talked to Chad about taking her back for her. but when i turned around, I saw her talking flirting with Brandon!They liplocked!! O:

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