The Life And Times Of OTOC

“As I have said multiple times, and I stand by the following quote,” Olivia explained to Rebecca and Danielle in the seat in front of her, “School is a myth. I don’t attend school.”

Danielle looked away, but Rebecca laughed. Rebecca was there when Olivia had first said that, on their walk around the neighborhood before school started. The good days; the warmth, the pool, the tan, the lack of homework, the drama free world.

“Well if school is just a myth,” Rebecca retorted as she had done for the entire ride, “then why are you on the School Bus?”

With excellency and trained wit, Olivia said ever-so-matter-of-factly, “That is where you are wrong, my dear. I am not on a school bus. This is simply a wonderful, graffiti painted city bus. I’m on my way home from Aldi’s.”

Danielle and Rebecca cracked up in their leather seats, Olivia held in her laughter. After all, you aren’t supposed to laugh at your own jokes.

“Why Aldi’s?” Rebecca asked, continuing to laugh, “Why not Wal-Mart or something normal?”

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