Cross Gendered Challenge,.. Boy/Girl Bball fight

“Girls can’t play basketball!”
“You scared ‘cuz I can play it betta than you can?”
Ok.. so I was alittle scared.
“Nah, you don’t got the guy mentality it takes to win. Why don’t you go ice-skating somewhere. Oh and do it in a sparkled short dress, so we can watch you work it.”
“Why don’t you? I’d like to watch you work it in a sparkled short dress..but shave first.”
Ok.. props to her.. that girl is headstrong. And cute too. man.. i needa save mahself befo the dudes think I’m losin to this girl.
“Man, you know you like it shaved or un-shaved. Come ova hurr and give me alil kiss, its fo free.”
“Haha I wouldn’t kiss those big lips even if you were payin me!”
Ok.. not so nice..
“Ay I like you when you’re angry, I’d tap that!”
I checked her out, start from her head, and work my eyes all the way to her checkered blue vans. She slapped me. “Fiesty!” I cried out. “You’re a pig.” And you’re a cow? Lame I don’t think I would ever kiss that girl she can’t make a good comeback for her life!:P

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