Sketch [400 Ficlets Challenge]

He was sitting at a table, presently, sipping at a very sour smoothie.

Heck, this was supposed to be strawberry! Not the type of lemon that gives you wrinkles within the first few minutes of sucking…

Jeremy pulled a face equal to his drink, and set it down disdainfully. He let his eyes travel around the room.

His gaze settled on a raven haired girl next to the window, drawing in what seemed a black, leather bound book.

Jeremy watched as her eyes flicked back and forth, looking for something to revise, something to fix.

Her head was lifted when she spoke to the waiter, and Jeremy noticed that her eyes were an electric blue that seemed to stand out despite the distance.

It reminded him eerily of a white tiger he had seen a few days ago in the zoo. He searched for a word, and found it almost immediately.


When she left to go to the ladies’ room, Jeremy took the opportunity to walk over and see what she was drawing.

A tiger?

“Hey! What are you doing? Get away from my notebook!”

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