I awoke to the rays of the morning sun; it was pleasant, and I stayed in my spot for a little more so I could heat up enough to get going.

I yawned a jaw popping yawn, and stretched my human limbs far above my head.

The ground had been rough, but when I had fallen asleep, I was still a dragon – the surface of the ground did not have a large impact on my skin, seeing as I was practically walking armory.

I had slept on a high cliff overlooking a human marketplace. It was now bustling with peasants.

I looked down at them, cocking my head slightly at the way they walked.

I may have grown up amongst humans, but something always felt wrong about them. There’s no other way I can describe it.

It’s like I was expecting to see something else, but all I had was humans.

I shrugged, and started to walk down the path slothfully, taking my time.

It wouldn’t be long before Simon’s troops came with their pitiful spears to come capture me, so I decided to savor the moment of temporary peace.


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