Marilyn Manson Attack. (Weirdest Dream Challenge)

My eyes searched frantically for someone to help me. I was in plain sight and my persuers were closing in on me quickly.
I glanced behind me and saw the two teenagers behind me.
They were both wearing leather. The boy in tight black and the girl in bright red. She was wearing a short pleated skirt and slim fitting vest and he was in pants and a jacket.
I stopped up short when I saw Marilyn Manson, standing facing me. He grinned wickedly and brought up a hand. I felt a sudden sharp pain in my right calf and looked down to see what had struck me. A knife was sticking straight out of my leg. I started to run but fell when another knife plunged into the back of my right thigh.
Marilyn Manson strolled over to me,picked me up&licked my cheek. I shrieked but no one turned to look at us.
All of a sudden I was laying in this round, black, very comfortable bed.
I stretched largely and sat up. I gasped when I saw Marilyn Manson watching me.
He threw his head back and laughed monstrously.
Then I woke up.

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