Twilight Story Challenge: When One Hurts, the Other Hurts

Bella didn’t think the rain would ever stop. She hated the rain. But that wasn’t all she hated about this small town she was forced into living in.
Edward was the one shinning thing to happen to her since her parents divorce. Edward, the mysterious handsome boy she met on her first day at school. There was something different about him. His eyes had a glow, an otherworldly feel came over her whenever she gazed into them.

“Bella,” Edward whispered her name. But Edward was nowhere in sight, yet she heard his name and knew he was in trouble.

Edward had enemies. He was running.. faster than lightning from them.. yet they were upon his heels. Ripping out an oak tree he temporarily blocked the road. His pursuers were not diswayed.

Bella sat on the curb waiting for the bus. She was uneasy. Ever since she met and fell in love with the charming Edward, her life had taken on a new perspective. When he hurt, she hurt. And now Bella was hurting. She felt a sharp pain in her back.
What was wrong with Edward??

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