Sight for sore eyes;;[[Twilight Story Challenge.]]

I looked around, confused as to where he would take me.
“can I open my eyes yet?” I asked, hoping that I wouldn’t do something stupid, like trip on a rock. Not like Edward would let me hit the ground, but still. “Not yet.” He said in his velvet smooth voice. It sounded better when I wasn’t distracted by his mesmerizing face. “Now?”
“You are terribly impatient, do you know that?” He asked sarcastically. “yes I do, so I refuse to keep my eyes closed any longer.” I retorted. When i opened them I was nearly knocked off my feet by what I saw. I didn’t know where I was, but that didn’t matter. The water was like a mirror, I could have sworn there were two skys. It was the most beautiful thing I’de ever seen, well besides Edward. He was behind me now, and his arms wove around my waist. “what do you think?” He asked sweetly. “It’s amazing.” I answered, bewildered. “Worth the wait?” He asked humoressly. I turned around and kissed him, drowning in the sensation. He was all mine.

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