Ron's Predicament

The problem was a simple one. Also a deadly one, but simple all the same. Ron had set and armed the bomb, but managed to do so without realising that he had inadvertantly threaded one of the wires through his shoelaces.

His tutor had told him he’d do something like this, but he’d always envisioned swallowing some of the components, not attaching himself to them. So, the only way to get out of this situation alive was to unlace his shoe. Very. Slowly.

He began the task. Carefully. Meticulously. An everyday task became a fight for survival.

Halfway through, he stopped – he’d caught the wire with his hand and it had given the device a jolt.

Nothing happened. He was safe. He continued.

Triumphantly, he removed his shoe. Filled with a sense of achievement, he began to stride towards the door.

As the wire was pulled from the device, the detonation sequence began. Ron had unlaced the wrong shoe.

He waited for the explosion. Nothing happened.

“Good job I used Polenta and not C4” he thought.

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