I sat up in the dark, eyes open, drenched in cold sweat. I’d had a terrible nightmare… but the thing was, I couldn’t remember a thing. I don’t have any fears that I know of… how could I have a nightmare when I have a near-perfect understanding of the dangers of the world? I must say, those words did startle me a bit, but enough to give me a nightmare? I think not. I checked the clock. 2 AM? I’d never woke up that early before. Or was it late in the night? The sun wasn’t up… I couldn’t tell. Shrugging that off, I walked over to the door and turned on the lights. This house needs a clapper. I had ones all in my house, in every room that had a light. I grabbed my book and started reading. I picked my eyes up from it when I heard a knock. No… it couldn’t have been a knock. Then I heard Trevor’s voice.

“Daneille? You awake?”

“No.. I’m sleep-turning-the-light-on. It’s open.” Trevor walked in.

“You know, you can just say yes. Your sarcasm is something I can do without.” I shot him a white smile.

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