Elfish dreams part: 2

While patting Tutu, I fiddled with a pendant around my neck. According to Ellhan, my mother gave this to me when I was born. It was a blue stone with milkish tinges and when I touched it, it always glowed softly. It was almost magical; one of my greatest treasures.

I quickly climbed a tree to examine the view. Tutu flew in protest to my sudden movements and circled my head. When I got to the top, I gazed around at the beautiful view of the green trees and the blue sea. Tutu, too becamse still on a branch as she enjoyed the view.

The Forbidden Island was beautiful. It was untouched, natural and wild as Ellhan and I always took care to not disturb the island. My father explained that although we were living on it, we did not completely own it because everything had been here before us. And we were to respect that.

My father was highly intelligent and admirable. He was philosophical and logical, yet he was full of fantasies. He told me some wonderful stories full of fantasy. But he was often quiet.

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