Elfish dreams part: 3

And I always knew what he was thinking about during his quiet times, because he always had that far, dreamy look on his face and gazing at the picture of my mother, Ellyza.

We have only one picture of Ellyza and she’s very beautiful. She had same golden hair with fair skin and smiling, red lips. I see myself in her, but then, I would see bits of my father in me: my dark green eyes and tanned skin.

My father doesn’t like talking about Ellyza in front of me though. When I ask, he merely shrugs and changes topics, or if I’m lucky, a one or two-syllable answer would have to be sufficient and our conversation would move on.

As I gazed dreamily into the sea, my eyes caught sight of something. I wasn’t too sure what it was, but it was definitely on the water. I rubbed my eyes. Was I seeing things? I had a really good eyesight, it wasn’t like me to see things wrong.

But it was still there. Was it a whale? I stared as it drifted closer and closer. It looked strange, almost like a cup with cloths on top.

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