Why? [Jailbird Challenge]

Perhaps I shouldn’t have killed another man.

Perhaps it was a sin.

But if it’s wrong, then why did it feel so damn good?

I don’t know, but killing that urchin named Mac! Ptt! That’s one of the only things I’m proud of in life, after what he did to my wife… Killed him after her funeral.

Sure, it got me into this dump they name Greenspan County Jail, and I’ve been here for 17 years since they got me. It ain’t fun, but it’s not like the end of the world.

This guy named Ulysses got sent for killing his parents. Well, hell! I woulda killed them, too, if they gave me a name like Ulysses!

But he’s not all that bad. We stick together, us two. It’s a wild place here, going from our cells to lunch, then back, then maybe they let you outside for a while, then back for more food, then to bed and lights out! Bam! Black as pitch!

Nah, but it ain’t too bad. You just sit around a while, maybe read a book if you’re lucky.

Mostly, I just wish I could see my daughter again…

Lord, I miss her…

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