Elfish dreams part: 7

I watched as the people unpacked their stuff and explored around the beach, pointing out different stuff. I couldn’t hear what they were saying though and this annoyed me, so I crept closer.

Close up, people were far more interesting than I ever thought. Their expressions changed in flickers and their hairstyles all had personality. I made a mental note to myself to try a few I liked later on.

I could now hear what they were saying and I could understand them. They all seemed to be admiring the beautiful island. This slightly annoyed me, because I had always shared the beauty with my father and to have random people come and examine it…

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. I was getting tired and I felt like bed. The people didn’t seem to be causing too much trouble, so I could take some time off spying, right?

And as I turned to head off home, that’s when I felt it.

A light tap on my shoulder.

And I froze and slowly turned…

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