Found Our Way

Thunder pouring through my white headphones, I release all the anger in my bones. I don’t believe the sweet words pouring from their lips. All I believe is ur tears over the airwaves, ur warm whisper & tender fingertips. They want to fix you and break me at the same time; they don’t realize that you were mine. We don’t need a soul to fix our broken plans cause I’m a big girl & baby, you’re a man. So yesterday as the world was ending, I finally looked u in the eye and all at once we both started to cry. It’s not the fact that I’m flying away before you’ve grown ur wings, it’s that this bird has been forced to sing. But promise to come join me in the skies before I 4get the ever-changing shade of ur eyes. Now that I’m all alone, without a family, without a home, don’t forget the eyes of the girl who shattered your world. And if forgiveness decides to grace us, we’ll hum a melody so sweet that this town would shed tears for the two children supposedly gone astray, not realizing that we’d finally found our way.

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