Elfish dreams part: 8

I spun around slowly, my heart beating rapidly. I was sure the whole world could hear it.

And then I was face to face with a person.

It was a young boy. He was slightly taller than me and seemed to be around my age. Maybe 13 or 14?
He had short, brown hair and his light hazel eyes looked at me with curiousity and caution.

I looked at him warily, although I was subconciously drawn to him in wonder. His cheeks looked so soft, I felt like pinching them, but I restrained and glanced at him up and down.

His clothes were all new and clean, whilst mine was all tattered and worn out from climbing so many trees. He wore some shiny, brown things on his feet. I examined them with curiousity as I had never seen shoes before. I had always been barefoot. So had Ellhan. We found comfort in feeling the earth.

I slowly glanced up to his face again and found him smiling at me.
“Hello?” he said, “My name is Derrik.”

And then he put out his right hand outstretched.

I just stared at it, unsure.

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