Elfish dreams part: 10

“The stories that my father told me ever since I was little,” I said.

He looked surprised again.

“Your father’s here too?” He said. “Where’s your mother?”

I suddenly became wary again.

“My mother died a long time ago” I said.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

I couldn’t imagine why he would be sorry about my mother’s death, but I let it pass. I had to get down to business.

“Why are you here? How long will you be here for?” I fired at him.

Derrik smiled. “Ellya, my parents located this island with our brand new satellite technology. We decided to come and check it for ourselves. My parents are planning to develop this place and make it more exciting. They have so many plans for it! It’ll be amazing. Of course, if you live here, they will provide you with excellent services with a big house and everything! They will have to get started rightaway though, these things take time.” He winked at me.

I stared at him, totally confused. Develop? Technology? Services? I had no idea where he was getting at

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