Elfish dreams part: 11

Derrik saw my confused face and quickly backtracked.

“Yes, the developing will take a long time.” He looked around, pointing at the trees around us, “they will have to clear out most of these trees. And they will have to cover the ground- possibly with asphalt or concrete. Then, they will set up buildings and grand houses with magnificent views! The plan is amazing.”

The whole time he was talking, I suddenly realised what he meant and the word that my father had used, suddenly sprang into my mind.


And anger boiled from my heart.

“Clear out trees?” I hissed.

Derrik looked taken aback at my fury. “Well, it’s necessary if we are to develop the island fully.”

“My father and I don’t want your stupid developments,” I said, furiously.

“Well, perhaps my parents can speak to your father. Where do you live on this island?”

I suddenly realised the dangers my father had warned me about. Not good.

“You won’t find us,” I hissed.

Then I spun around from him and ran.

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