Elfish dreams part: 13

“Later” he mouthed at me and then slowly went into our hut.

I looked after him then I quickly followed him inside.

Our hut was quite small, but it was very cosy and warm. My father had built it when I was born. It was sturdy and friendly and I was deeply fond of this home.

Ellhan sat on one of the stools. He put his hand on his face and leaned on the table. He sighed.

I went and sat down next to him. But I didn’t talk, silence was sometimes better.

Ellhan straightened slowly and looked at me with his green eyes. He glanced at my mother’s photo across the room then at me. He sighed again.

“Ellya? There is something I have to tell you.”

I stayed silent, listening.

Ellhan continued to gaze at me. “It’ll be hard, but it’s the truth and you need to know now that things are changing.”

Again, I stayed still, listening.

“Your mother was not human. She was an elf.”

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