A Maid's Love [Twilight Story Challenge]

Elizabeth Roux gazed out the castle window. The year was 1204, a for a simple maid to a duchess, life was rough. She continued to gaze out the window as Duchess Maria called for a cup of wine. The duchess was fond of her wine, which put a heavy burden on the maids of the castle. Duke Henry himself usually stayed out of the castle grounds, and Elizabeth had heard the rumors about an affair with the daughter of a duke only a few town away.

“ELIZABETH!” The duchess screamed from the floor below. It was a shame that the duchess had figured out from which room she could be heard from in every other room in the cstle.

Quickly Elizabeth hurred down to the duchess, bowing as she entered the room, it was the only way the duchess would have it.

“Yes Duchess Maria?” Elizabeth asked, her head still bowed. Elizabeth was the duchess’s favorite maid to do the difficult deeds that she wanted done, since the rest of her maid wore to fancy of cloths to risk sending to places where the fabric may be ruined…

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