The Morning After

When I woke, the sun was just beginning to infultrate the purple-hued night, slanting narrow sunbeams through the shades in my bedroom window.

Oh, it had been a wonderful evening.

I stretched as the warmth and comfort of sleep gently faded away, leaving me hungry for breakfast. I heaved myself out of bed, and in doing so noticed that there was someone on the porch.

I smiled as I peeked out the window from between the curtains. He sat there, patiently, with his legs curled up close to his chest. From my angle, and the way the newborn sun was striking his face, he seemed to be glowing.

He was beautiful.

I took my time getting my coffee ready in the kitchen, thinking of what I would say to him. It was strange – we had been friends for so long, and now I had to plan my words around him.

But it turned out that I didn’t have to worry. The second I opened the door, he swept me up into a deep embrace. Nose-to-nose, he said simply, “I forgot to give this to you last night.”

And then he kissed me.

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