Teen love sometimes comes in threes

There once was a girl named Devin who lived in a far away place called Prixa Island. Devin was not like anyone else she is what they called different not in a bad way but in an intellectual way. One day she realized that she not only loved her boyfriend John but she also had deep feelings for his friend Austin. John soon found out and this caused conflicts in there relationship. Soon they grew distant form each other and that caused more problems. As her grades went down it seemed the only person she could talk to was Austin. She also found comfort John here roomers that Devin and Austin were going out secretly. John didn’t believe what he heard. There was no way not Devin she is not that kind of girl she is a good person she wouldn’t do that not to him or would she? Later that night Austin was talking to Devin and told her that he loved her then John walked in. Devin sat there as john asked her who she wanted to be with John or Austin. Who is the one she will choose her boyfriend or the best friend?

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