Collision part 1 (Twillight Challenge)

It was a cold Tuesday. Rain was beating down hard on the bus’s windshield. We’re were extremely late for school due to the fact that the bus driver could barely see. We were finally at the intersection when a tractor trailer didn’t see us and rammed into the side of the bus. I knew I was going to be pounded with crumpled metal any second so I just said good-bye and prepared for the blow. The bus flipped on to the side. More cars crashed into the bus. It was a complete nightmare. I opened my eyes to find a guy protecting me. He was hooded, but I could seehis face, which was perfect. He had these golden eyes that looked familiar, but I couldnt put my finger on where I had seen them before. “Are you alright?” The angel asked. I nodded, still frightened about the whole thing. I tried not to imagine the many people dead in this wreckage. I just focused on the face in front of me. “Hi, Im
“You-you saved me.”
“Don’t call me a hero yet.” His face looked distant, “Im more of an archangel I think.”

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