Eight Dollars in Cuba

Just two blocks from home, Lazaro collapsed on the street corner. His wife and four children had exhausted their monthly food rations – that huge bag of rice, the big can of beans, a sack full of eggs, a whole chicken, three packs of cigarettes, and two entire rolls of toilet paper! Lazaro had spent nearly six hours standing in line on the hot Havana streets to get those rations and now they were gone! All gone by the middle of June! All wasted away so soon!

Today was payday and he had already spent half a month’s salary of eight American dollars on cheap island rum. Where can I get more liquor?, he thought as he lowered his head in shame. God forgive me! He studied the three scrambling ants on the street as he tossed the pesos between his fingers and struggled to make his decision. Four american dollars could buy a month’s worth of food. It could also purchase another bottle of rum. I deserve it, he thought as he stood up and walked towards the liquor store. Mother Mary forgive me…........

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