The Trail

The city streets were busy tonight. With all of the brownies out on the streets, I was glad that my coins were tucked deep in the pocket of my tunic. Even with the sword at my side, I could expect a quick fingered brownie to try and lighten my pocket.

I had been following the leprechaun for two days. I didn’t think that he knew that he was being followed. With their ability to jump in and out of dimensions it is hard to tail a leprechaun. But not impossible.

He turned to look up and down the street. I turned to the window on my left. I had stopped by a coffee shop. Looking into the window I saw that most of the patrons were harpies. Not surprising, ever since coffee had been brought into the Realm, harpies couldn’t seem to get enough of the stuff.

I turned back to see him enter a pawn shop. I continued down the street to the front door. I glanced down at the discarded brown bags on the ground. I had no doubt they contained empty bottles of hard cider. I took off my coat and unfurled my wings. It was time.

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