Sweet Revenge

“Hello?” a voice echoed in a corner. Lone Writer groggily sat up, regaining consciousness. “My head still ain’t attached to my shoulders!” She crawled to the corner where G2’s furious frizzed-out noggin lay. LW took the body, held the head in place, & hastily attached the two with Duct tape, careful not to tangle G2’s freakishly-frazzled hair in the sticky stuff.
G2 sat up, stretching. “Thanks LW,” she sighed, clapping the cowgirl on the back.
They were startled to hear a clang of metal. LW cursed under her breath.
“You cover Oreos, I’ll deal with this clunker.” G2 rolled to the kitchen, swiped a few magnets & something silver, snuck behind Mighty Joe, & flung herself onto his back with a cry. She stuck the magnets to his head and chest, & shrieked, “You metal freak! How’d you like your head disjoined from your shoulders?!” She whipped out the kitchen knife she’d snatched, & Mighty Joe’s metal noggin was sent barrelling across the floor.
G2 stood up, breathing heavily & grinning. “That felt good.”

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