Home at Last

“Rose?” My mom asked shaking me. Damn, I’d fallen alseep?

We met my dad and brother in the parking lot.

“Have fun?” Dad asked.

“Yep.” I said and earned myself a glare from mom. Oh yeah, Dad doesn’t even know about Tyler I’ll tell him later.

“Did you meet a boy?” My brother teased, poking me. I jumped and hit his hand away.

“Stop!” I laughed, ignoring his question.

We got home shortly and I took my stuff to my room after grabing a Pepsi TM. I logged on ficlets and was surprised to find three notes and all new comments. Dang, I hadn’t been gone that long.

I had one from Blusparrow asking me where I had been, since I had forgotten to tell her… Another from Mask by the Moon asking the same thing… and the last one from Lone Writer letting me know she had sequeled our series.

I replied to them all and then went to find and read the sequels in my series. As I was reading Lone Writer’s, an IM popped up.

ColdPlayFan08: hey there pretty girl
perfectkiss16: hey yourself =)

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