As I opened my eyes, my new retinas burned as bright surgical lights glared down at me, angry that this transformation hadn’t happened sooner.

I was one of the lucky ones. I had managed to hide longer than any other human on earth. But they had found me at last.

Humans were no longer the rulers of the kingdom that was Earth.

My anger grew as these thoughts raced through my head, promptly being erased by the brain scanner hooked up to my forehead.

My fist curled at the thought of becoming one of them.

But I didn’t feel my regular, soft fingers touch the hardened skin of my palm. Something cold, hard, long was in its place.

I braced my eyes, and held up my hand up to my face.

And screamed.

But instead of a scream, a loud gargling noise reverberated through my throat as I stared in disgust and disbelief at the claws that extended from my new green, reptilian fingers.

It was done.

My transformation into one of them was complete.

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