Elfish dreams part: 17

He sat back down next to me and began to read:

“Dear Ellhan, Marcus, my dearest love,
I hope you find this note, I am sending it through with my newly-found magic. I am so sorry, for everything. So sorry elves have caused so much pain for you. I see that we elves have been hypocrites talking about terrible human deeds, when we are just as cruel and unforgiving, even more so. I have cast a spell over our island so that no one can find it, not humans, not elves. You will be safe there. Look after it for me. I am also leaving this magical blue stone with you. It holds the connection between the island and the magic I have created. Give it to Ellya, my darling baby, a gift from me. It will protect her when the time comes and the island magic dies.

Yes, the magic will die some time, but I hope that when that time comes, the Elfin kind and human kind will live in peace.

Do not worry about me, I am safe with my people. They cannot harm me. Keep safe, my darling one, my heart, my soul!

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