Elfish dreams part: 18

“Give lots of kisses to our Ellya from me. I love her very, very much. You are in my heart forever more; I think of you every second in my life. Our paths will cross someday, I am sure.
Until that joyful day,

Your love,

There was a silence as Ellhan closed his eyes and gently kissed the top of the letter. When he opened his eyes, I was startled to find he had tears in his eyes.

“So where is she now?” I said, and my voice quivered.

“I’m sorry I’ve lied to the whole time, but it was hard for me and I wanted to protect you. Please forgive me.” He sighed. “I do not know, although I expect she is probably in Alosia to this day. Possibly as Queen.”

I looked up at him. “Where is Alosia.”

He looked at me. “It is not here nor there. It’s hidden within time and space. Only those who have a clear destination of Alosia in their minds can reach it.”

“Clear destination?”

“Yes, walking, with the destination Alosia in their minds.”

I pondered about it.

“Have you ever been?”

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