Awesome Redux 400 Challenge

487 by 404, take a deep breath and jump into the all new, brand-spanking, bass thumping, redux challenge.

I just finished reading through the entries to Freedom’s challenge. My goodness, those were some great stand alone ficlets. But what’s even more awesome is how many of them hinted at larger, more in depth stories. Sadly, how many of us sequel things we throw into a challenge? It’s just not done…at least not all that often.

Why? Well, it confuses the challenge judging. Or maybe the story does seem entirely owned by the writer since it came off a challenge. Do we think it rude somehow perhaps?

Here is your challenge: Go find the entry of another writer to Freedom’s challenge and write a sequel. Then post a note below so I can go read it. After Freedom judges the entries to the challenge, I’ll judge the sequels as entries to the redux challenge.

Yeah, twisted, baby! Yeah! Go on then! Get to the sequels…or prequels perhaps?


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