Picture Perfect Ending

The smell of blood and smoke was thick in the air. Bodies surrounded me, some friends, others foes. Though they all had the same peaceful look of death on their faces. I feared I would soon join them.

The pain in my leg was immense as I tried to move. The same pain was in my midsection. The battle had moved over us, into the larger fields of open ground ahead. I knew that I would never see another battle again, even if I survived here. My worst fear was never seeing my darlings, my wife, Delia, and my newborn daughter, the latter of which I hadn’t even met yet. Delia’s face flashed before my eyes, tears gathering.

“God, please help me. And if you cannot, then take them into your arms and help them in the dark times to follow my passing…”

My eyelids began to droop, the heat and the pain gnawing at my last bits of strength. I pulled out the photo of Delia, looking one last time at her beautiful smile as my eyes began to close, welcoming the restful darkness.

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