Missing Persons Report

Name: Watween
Last Seen: At an undisclosed front porch
Appearance: Unknown

I looked over the papers, puzzling over the facts.
Or lack thereof, for that matter.
Concerned readers and followers had filed the report, but didn’t have much information. Which didn’t help me much.
No wonder they say eyewitnesses are the worst evidence.
Then, the phone rang violently, jerking me out of my cloudy reverie.
“Yeah? Oh really? Yes, yes… Yes, thank you.”
I began to scribble furiously the facts I’d been given.
Driven by Black Out
Snagged by …
My pen clattered to the desktop, my heart pounding. Of course, I thought. AP, Honors, Honors, XL, XL.
Yes, it all made sense.
Cause of Disappearance: High School

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