None of Your Business

A woman sat on a low stone wall, hugging her knee & leaning back slightly. She tossed her kinky red hair over her shoulder carelessly.
She was so wrapped up in her late-night reverie she didn’t notice a shadowy stranger approach her.
“This seat taken?” the stranger asked, sitting down.
“Guess it is now,” she quipped.
“Quite the hair you got here,” he observed, reaching up to touch it. It was thick and silky under his rough fingers.
“Oy!” she cried, slapping his hand. “Ever hear of asking?”
“May I ask your name?” he asked.
“Pretty name for a pretty thing.”
“Oh shut it. So what yours?”
“Odd name for an odd guy.” Jenna turned to peer into his shadowy face. He tried to do the same.
She had the most piercingly blue eyes he had ever seen. No, he’d seen those eyes before… once…
“Tell me, you been on the wrong side of a man recently?” he asked harshly.
“None of your business,” she retorted, shoving Postle off the wall into some bushes, taking off down the dark avenue.

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