Rhubarb's Hidden Wonders

The rhubarb pie worked wonders. I don’t know what it was, but something about it made me feel better. I didn’t feel that shame looming over my head. My defeats didn’t humiliate me. I felt like I could conquer almost anything.
“Hey, you gonna let me have some?” Cricket playfully whined.
I rolled my eyes. “I guess.” I turned to Cara, & with great effort said, “Grazie.”
She smiled & replied, “Búbì kèqì.”
I was stunned. “Where’d you learn Chinese?” Cricket guiltily cleared his throat. I turned to him.
“What?” he cried defensively. “Cara wanted to know how to say ‘you’re welcome’! I know some things in Chinese…”
I laughed.

When Cricket & I had finished our part of the pie, I felt something odd go on in my throat. It didn’t feel like I was going to cough, or gag. What was it?
“Uh, ‘Li? You okay?” Cricket peered into my face.
I tried to squeak, but what came out instead was a heavenly pitch. I covered my mouth.
Cricket removed his glasses.
“Chiquita,” he began, “since when can you sing?!

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